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For those who have met with excessive hair growth in a particular place on ​​the body, likely you'd wish to remov​e it forever. Modern cosmetology offers two different ways - laser hair removal and electrolysis. People frequently​ mix up these two procedures of treatment, yet these are entirely different procedures.

Electrolysis existed for considerably Electrolysis longer than the laser hair removal method that is still developing. involves the removal of hair one at a time, in addition, it is not for every color of hair. Blondes and redheads are the the main hair colors Electrolysis will work for. Electrolysis can remove gray hairs as well. Laser hair removal involves removing all the hair at once on the chosen area and is better for light skin and dark haired patients. On the other hand, both ways guarantee complete hair removal for good. Also, Electrolysis takes longer because of some of its features. 

Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is a procedure in which the laser acts on the hair follicle and removes it. The laser acts specifically ​on melanin, which is present in the hair​'s structure. Laser treatment relies on the degree of pigmentation of hair. The darker, the better. In other words, this procedure is not suitable for removing gray hair and blondes. Removal of such hair will be more difficult and less effective. Laser hair removal is contraindicated for women with a dark skin tone, because of the strong pigmentation the skin will heat up more, resulting in a burn and a scar. The main advantage of laser hair removal is that it is ideal for processing large areas. This is not as painful as in electrolysis.

Why Choose Electrolysis Hair Removal?

The fact is that during electrolysis an electric current passes through the hair follicle, which kills the root of the hair so that it does not grow again. The procedure usually takes about 30 minutes and, as a general rule, a total of 15 to 30 sessions are required depending on the treatment site. Although electrolysis is considered the best method of hair removal, it is not recommended for use in large areas. For example, it is not for the treatment of legs or bikini surface area. Most often with the assistance of electrolysis, undesirable hairs can be gotten rid of from off the face. This procedure is a little painful, therefore, choosing a salon, it is better to know in advance the degree of qualification of the master. It depends on this to know how effective it will be.

Side effects Although electrolysis, compared to laser hair removal, has been known long​er, there are still some risks associated with it. In particular, because of the length of the operation, this occasionally does not have the best impact on the skin condition. Hyper-pigmentation of the skin and laser hair inducing may also occur. Both operations are a little painful. The procedure for laser hair removal around the eyes entails the use of unique goggles. Otherwise, the laser can damage the eyes. Therefore, if there is a desire to get rid of hair permanently, it is better to consult a specialist first and choose the best option from these two procedures.

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